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Updated: Jan 15, 2019


I am a busy mum of three, I have a career, 10 acres and multiple other jobs... "I juggle", I am not making excuses or am I? In the last few years I have found myself drawn to woman who have similar responsibilities, run their own businesses, have families but seem to be managing everything seamlessly as well as having control over their health and wellbeing. One of the best ways to continually improve is to model the people who do what you do/want to do well.

I thought I was doing an OK job but I wanted to be better, do better so I started asking questions and I discovered that it wasn't luck or some fad diet they were on it all came back to how they managed their time and not how time managed them. So what did they do differently?

It's no secret that successful people have routines. It is not because they are obsessive it is simply because they want to limit friction in their lives and focus on what they do best. Although what I found most interesting is that ALL of the people at the top of their game START their day with a series of rituals or a routine. Barack & Michelle Obama, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, my closest successful friends and the women I admire most.

It may not always be easy to plan what happens in other parts of our day due to work/family commitments. However YOU/WE can make a choice about how we start the day; and the effect that has on the rest of the day is like magic!

This wasn't a revelation for me nor probably is it for you? I have goals, routines, success strategies. However I totally underestimated the power of winning the start of my day.

For the past year I have begun each morning the following way:

  • Exercise for 30-50 mins (anything from kind yoga through to a weights session) I get bored with the same type of exercise so I change it up from day to day.

  • Practise 5 minutes of gratefulness. I have journal where I write down the things I am grateful for. This can be as small as the sun shining so I can dry my washing on the line or as big as being thankful for my families health. It is difficult to be unhappy when you spend time focussing on what you are grateful for.

  • Practise 5 minutes of breathing and meditation often focussing on sending my love and thoughts of compassion to those who need it most (sounds airy fairy but don't knock it until you've tried it)

  • And finally I spend 10 minutes reading through my goals and visualising them. I find it has helped to have them easily accessible I have mine written down and I also have a vision board.

And what do you know.... It works! I am more focussed, I use my time more efficiently, I have a sense of clarity I have never had before, I am more organised, my health and wellbeing has improved and I am more driven than ever to continue my growth and quest for wisdom and share this with you.

"I didn't have the time" ... I MAKE time. I get up an hour earlier than I need too. At first it was hard but now it is my favourite part of the day. The time before anyone in my house is stirring and I can focus on what I need to do in order to live my best life. What works for me may not work for you. The what of a routine/ritual is the least important part. You want to do what makes your life easier and better, and it has to fit with your personal situation (finances, personality, needs, etc.)

Research someone you admire or want to emulate and see what they do. I have attached a link to one of my favourite inspirational people "Tim Ferris" who is a guru on the importance of a morning routine.

2019 is your year to shine. Start your day winning!

For further insight into this subject and similar success strategies join me and the nourish team in our emotional intelligence and mindful body classes.

Stacey x

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