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Will you be around to enjoy it?

When I visualise my retirement I can see myself and my husband surrounded by our friends, children, grandchildren and hopefully great great great grandchildren (I'm a positive person) laughing and enjoying the outdoors and making wonderful memories together. I can see us travelling to all of the places we haven't yet visited sipping cocktails out of coconuts and climbing ancient walls in forgotten cities. And due to our abundant wealth we are going to manifest I have this vision of us helping first hand not only in our own country but also in third world countries people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Sound similar to yours? And so in order to achieve this we save right? (well many of us). We put retirement plans in place, we set goals, we work hard.

BUT... how many of you, WHEN you think about your retirement factor in your ability to enjoy it due to health restraints or sickness or just not being around long enough to take advantage of it. Do you see yourself watching from the sidelines because you are too unfit, unable to leave the home due to chronic illness or not making ends meet as you have been to unwell to attend work. Do you see your future without you in it? OF COURSE YOU DON'T THAT WOULD BE CRAZY!

SO.... This is where we need to GET REAL people..ask yourself this: WHAT are YOU DOING to change or avoid this?

Why does it make sense to invest money into our future but not in our own ability to enjoy it?

What would you call an investment that involves no risk, minimal if any revenue to start, is equally available to EVERYONE, grows more valuable with every year, is a proven career accelerator and can produce hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra savings over a lifetime? I call it GOOD HEALTH.

Successfully managing your health and wellbeing can reliably produce a financial windfall unmatched by any other retirement plan. Even better you can start this today and you're never too poor or too old to take advantage of the opportunity.

The reality is there isn’t a trophy awaiting us at the end of every walk or gym session, kale salad or meditation. However the lifetime returns that better health deliver are real, sizeable and far more rewarding than any money you choose to risk. A strong, healthy heart may be priceless to you and your loved ones. But there is also a financial benefit that you can count in terms of a longer and more productive work life, and fewer medical bills.

Statistics show that poor health is the most common reason people are forced to retire sooner than planned. Your health NEEDS to become a priority, don't wait. Each and every choice you make has a distinct impact on your future. There are many daily healthy habits that you can start incorporating into your life right now.

  • Get More Sleep - May help prevent cancer, reduces stress, reduces inflammation, makes you more alert, improves your memory.

  • Prioritise your mental health - If you have a daily dental hygiene practice, why not have a daily mental hygiene practice? (Read, Meditate, Practise Gratitude).

  • Strength Train - Without muscle there is no movement.

  • Walk - Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance.

  • Eat More Plants - Helps lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and many other advantages.

  • Make Water your default drink

  • Meditate - Helps control anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness.

  • Chill Out - People who live stressful lives suffer more heart attacks and strokes. Beating stress needn’t be painful, go for short walks,take mini-vacations, take up yoga, try darts.

  • Read More - Helps reduce stress, enhance communication skills and improve relationships

  • Don't Put off your Check-ups - these are meant for early detection of the onset of diseases and illnesses. Many can be treated and stopped if caught in time.

  • Practise Gratitude - It makes it easier to appreciate what you DO have.

Like any good investment your wealth grows if you invest regularly and make good decisions. The logic that underlies financial retirement planning is well-established and widely accepted lets apply the same logic to our health retirement planning. Incorporate some of the above into your day. You won’t be able to adopt them all overnight, but slowly integrate as many as you can into your routine and your health will see dramatic improvements.

Why do we find it so easy to spend money on our outside appearance - hair, clothes and skin and not on the engine inside that really ensures the outside keeps looking good? Would you purchase a car and only clean the body instead of taking it for regular W.O.Fs? OF COURSE NOT!

Join us at our next Nourish Retreat, join a gym, go for a walk, create a new morning or evening routine, read a book, start a gratitude journal. Whatever spins your wheels just start or prioritise your health retirement portfolio and create a

BANK on yourself plan.

Don't just jump on that "trending bandwagon of wellbeing" drive that bugger! Put yourself in your future!


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