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"Your past doesn't equal your future.."

One of my favourite Tony Robbins quotes...

Apologies in advance for the Tony Robbins type sermon I'm about to make but I was fortunate enough to attend his five day event "Unleash the Power Within" last year and the above really resonated with me. I was reminded of this after talking with a girlfriend today and it struck me how many people continue to punish themselves for decisions they have made in the past. Lord knows I have!

It seems to be a lot of peoples most favourite flavour of suffering. After all it's so much easier to continue to beat yourself up for actions that led you down the path to misery and decide to not do anything out of fear of doing it again or even worse follow the same path as we didn't learn the first time. Hence repeating the cycle of self loathing. It would be way harder to be thankful for the lesson, forgive ourselves and move on.

We've all made mistakes. Some have cost us friendships, money, assets, relationships, our health and even our livelihoods. We are human it's part of our make-up! If you have a set of keys and the first one doesn't fit the lock do you give up, NO you try the next one. Don't deny yourself a great future because you have had difficulties or made bad decisions, they are often the perfect preparation for success.

We all create blue prints or have blue prints created for us due to modelling from parents ,different upbringings or life experiences which in turn lead to patterns which drive the behaviours that dictate our decision making. If you don't like the decisions you are making, guess what you can change your blue print and create new patterns. As the saying goes "If you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always gotten".

There are many times I've wished I could go back and change some of the decisions I made or wondered why I kept making decisions that were making myself or others unhappy. However we don't live in the past, our home is not there, our heart is not there, we are not there. We are here.

If who you were in the past or the decisions you made are preventing you from moving forward. If you are punishing yourself because of what lies behind you then you are failing to see what is here now and what CAN be in front of you. If you keep looking in the rear vision mirror you are going to crash!

Exchange the self bashing for self love. Good and bad decision making is not one act but a habit. Create a new habit that moves you forward.

“You decide every moment of every day who you are and what you believe in. You get a second chance every second.” Tony Robbins


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